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    ScanBalt Business is a business support and service for ScanBalt BioRegion delivered by ScanBalt® fmba. It gives easy access to leading companies and clusters within health and life sciences in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and Northwestern Russia – The Top of Europe.
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    ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace

    Share equipment, services, facilities and knowledge with other organizations in the ScanBalt BioRegion. B2B sharing Marketplace for renting out and sell idle capacity, facilities, and staff. On here, we unite supply and demand, and facilitate organizations to generate additional turnover and lower costs through asset sharing. 30 % discounts for members of ScanBalt. The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a product of the collaboration between ScanBalt fmba and FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first Sharing Marketplace for healthcare organizations.

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    CEBIO is a green biotech company focusing on optimization of complex bioactive compounds (CBCs) for the life science and pharmaceutical industries. CBCs are efficient and potent medical building blocks, with a limited distribution and currently regarded as an unreliable and very costly product source. The technology platform CEBIO has under development is based on plants as ‘bioreactors’ for production of CBCs and holds promises for mass-production of CBCs – in quantities of 1-2 grams for research and larger quantities for products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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    Life Sciences Baltics

    Life Sciences Baltics is the only international forum in the Baltics for world-class biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices experts from all around the world. It provides a unique opportunity to explore the new horizons of partnerships, exchange ideas and seek progress through networking. Discover enormous potential and passion in the field of life sciences in Lithuania and the Baltics – the gateway to emerging markets. The forum is organised by Enterprise Lithuania that supports the establishment and development of competitive businesses in Lithuania and to fosters the country’s exports by facilitating cooperation with our partners’ networks, providing consultancy, market analysis, and business-partner search services.

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