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    ScanBalt Business is a business support and service for ScanBalt BioRegion delivered by ScanBalt® fmba. It gives easy access to leading companies and clusters within health and life sciences in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and Northwestern Russia – The Top of Europe.
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    Gothia Forum

    Gothia Forum is a unit within the Västra Götaland region, and works as a meeting point and voluntary resource for everyone working with clinical research in the region. Researchers in the Västra Götaland region, as well as Swedish and foreign research companies can turn to us. We want to strengthen and improve the collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry to strengthen clinical research in the Västra Götaland region. Apart from our own resources, Gothia Forum has a wide network, and works as a point of contact for those looking for research resources or specialist competencies in the Västra Götaland region. We can help with contacts, information and advice. Gothia Forum's aim is to make Västra Götaland the most attractive region for high quality clinical research in Europe.

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    MDSC Systems Ltd

    MDSC (Maru Deployable Shelter & Container Systems) Systems OÜ is specialised in designing and manufacturing all kinds of Special Purpose Containers for military, rescue, medicine and industrial directions. The most recent solution in our product range is mobile medical solutions.

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    ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace

    Share equipment, services, facilities and knowledge with other organizations in the ScanBalt BioRegion. B2B sharing Marketplace for renting out and sell idle capacity, facilities, and staff. On here, we unite supply and demand, and facilitate organizations to generate additional turnover and lower costs through asset sharing. 30 % discounts for members of ScanBalt. The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a product of the collaboration between ScanBalt fmba and FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first Sharing Marketplace for healthcare organizations.

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