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    CEBIO is a green biotech company focusing on optimization of complex bioactive compounds (CBCs) for the life science and pharmaceutical industries. CBCs are efficient and potent medical building blocks, with a limited distribution and currently regarded as an unreliable and very costly product source. The technology platform CEBIO has under development is based on plants as ‘bioreactors’ for production of CBCs and holds promises for mass-production of CBCs – in quantities of 1-2 grams for research and larger quantities for products. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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    Turku Science Park

    BioTurku® is the leading biotechnology cluster in Finland. It is part of Turku Science Park, one of Finland’s oldest and largest science parks. Around half of Finland’s pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry is located in Turku region. BioTurku® also co-ordinates the national HealthBio cluster of the national Centre of Expertise programme. The key competence areas of BioTurku® are preclinical and clinical drug research and development, diagnostics and biomaterials. The three therapeutic areas are cancer and hormonal diseases, inflammatory and infectious diseases and diseases of the nervous system. Innovate to accelerate – Turku Science Park

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    Daisygrip: Reducing time, costs and risks of infection

    Daisygrip is the first hygienically reusable venous tourniquet and has a unique intuitive locking system. The simpler application and disinfection method ensure lasting safety and permanently reduce costs. With daisygrip, every routine blood sample is taken time-efficiently and under hygienic conditions, without changing current treatment procedures.

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