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    B3IT was founded in 2003 with aspirations of becoming Sweden’s top IT-consulting firm. We have grown rapidly with a distinct focus on both senior consultants within IT and Management as well as focus on the most demanding clients on the market. Our People are 190 professionals, with typically 10-20 years of experience, dedicated to deliver value to our clients in the database, system development, infrastructure, telecom, healthcare, IT Management, Quality, mobility and M2M practices. B3IT offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sundsvall, Örebro , Borlänge and Malmö.

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    Life Science Nord - Northern Germany´s Life Science Cluster

    The Life Science Cluster of Northern Germany provides a number of distinctive features to entrepreneurs and scientists that are unique. A high concentration of expertise, constant development and initiation of special support programs offer a broad range to a lot of Life Science activities.The region´s quality characteristics are rapid access to thematic networks, proximity to the scientific community and availability of highly qualified staff. The north also offers an industrial structure with outstanding networks and significant political support.

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    Vilnius University Life Sciences Center

    Vilnius University (VU) is the largest Lithuanian education and scientific institution. Research in Life and Health Sciences at VU is carried out in the Centre of Life Sciences. Research focus in the Centre of Life Sciences: gene editing technologies, like CRISPR Cas; nucleic acid and protein technologies, molecular diagnostics; drug design; droplet microfluidics technology; next generation epigenomics; biocatalyzers; lipid systems and membrane proteins; brain studies, like recording and analysis of physiological and psychophysiological parameters, also parameters of EEG, ECG, EDA, eye movements, psychological tests, steroid hormone concentration. Most of the Centre of Life Sciences laboratories are working as open access laboratories. Keywords: biomedicine; gene editing; epigenomics; biocatalyzers; diagnostic test systems; brain studies

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