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    Vilnius University Life Sciences Center

    Vilnius University (VU) is the largest Lithuanian education and scientific institution. Research in Life and Health Sciences at VU is carried out in the Centre of Life Sciences. Research focus in the Centre of Life Sciences: gene editing technologies, like CRISPR Cas; nucleic acid and protein technologies, molecular diagnostics; drug design; droplet microfluidics technology; next generation epigenomics; biocatalyzers; lipid systems and membrane proteins; brain studies, like recording and analysis of physiological and psychophysiological parameters, also parameters of EEG, ECG, EDA, eye movements, psychological tests, steroid hormone concentration. Most of the Centre of Life Sciences laboratories are working as open access laboratories. Keywords: biomedicine; gene editing; epigenomics; biocatalyzers; diagnostic test systems; brain studies

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    The Ideas Clinic, The North Denmark Region

    The North Denmark Region handles highly specialized functions for approximately 640,000 inhabitants. Our Living Labs can be accessed through the department The Ideas Clinic and on Entrance North, located at Aalborg University Hospital. Keywords: Orthopedics (surgery, pharma and training); Pain (Center for Pain and Gastroenterology Research); Cancer (nano knives, Robot surgery and relapse treatment); Heart (atrial fibrillation); Intestinal failure (surgery and pharma); Mobile Heart-Lung team.

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    Mech-Sense is a multidisciplinary research centre located at Departments of Gastroenterology and Radiology, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark. The main competences are within visceral pain and the gastrointestinal system. The mission of Mech-Sense is to foster scientific research, education and innovation for the benefit of patients with gastrointestinal diseases and symptoms hereof. This also includes public and private partnerships. The practical research is performed in 6 complementary and cooperating areas: Neurogastroenterology and Motility, Pancreatology, Pharmacology, Diabetology, Neurophysiology and Imaging.

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