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    ScanBalt Business is a business support and service for ScanBalt BioRegion delivered by ScanBalt® fmba. It gives easy access to leading companies and clusters within health and life sciences in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and Northwestern Russia – The Top of Europe.
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    People are often afraid to start their own project or business. Common problems include lack of know-how and co-founders, lack of money, unknown risks etc. Garage48 is here to change that mindset and show that it's all about positive "let's do it" attitude, creative team members and a motivating deadline. Less talk, more action! Garage48 event series started in Estonia in April 2010 and have expanded to other countries in Northern Europe and Africa since then. All Garage48 events are held in English and have ~100 international participants. Participants have different skills, ranging from software development to design, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship. Garage48 events usually start at 5pm on a Friday evening. All participants gather together in a big room and pitch about 30 to 40 ideas on stage. Each idea is put on the wall and everyone can choose their favourite idea and team. Usually about 12-15 ideas will be selected and teams start working.

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    Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol

    Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol is a science and business environment for knowledge based companies. Today there are 160+ companies, Tallinn University of Technology and IT College in Tehnopol. Tehnopol provides a unique set of value adding business development services, including incubation, convenient infrastructure and international cooperation opportunities for companies. Life-sciences is one of our four focus areas incl. Estonian Life-Science Community in Google+, international accelerator Accelerace Life, cell therapy laboratory and cluster, medical device prototyping facility, health technology cluster, food and fermetation competence centre and cancer research centre.

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    ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace

    Share equipment, services, facilities and knowledge with other organizations in the ScanBalt BioRegion. B2B sharing Marketplace for renting out and sell idle capacity, facilities, and staff. On here, we unite supply and demand, and facilitate organizations to generate additional turnover and lower costs through asset sharing. 30 % discounts for members of ScanBalt. The ScanBalt Sharing Marketplace is a product of the collaboration between ScanBalt fmba and FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first Sharing Marketplace for healthcare organizations.

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