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    Lanthio Pharma

    Lanthio Pharma is focused on discovering and developing lantipeptide drugs for serious diseases. We are working on lanthipeptides as new treatment for fibrosis, stroke, heart failure and multiple sclerosis. To discover and produce drug candidates, we apply our proprietary LanthioPep technology. This technology uses modified Lactococcus bacteria to make constrained peptides, called lanthipeptides. Our lanthipeptides are more disease target selective and more stable in plasma compared to linear wild-type peptides, making them more suitable as drug candidates.

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    Oslo Cancer Cluster

    Oslo Cancer Cluster is a non-profit member organization dedicated to accelerate the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines through: Local collaboration and international partnerships; Stimulation and support of new innovations and start-up activities; strengthening of our member’s ability to attract capital; Improved clinical trial efficiency for our members; Increase of governmental focus and improved public policies for the cancer community, fostering and attracting the next generation of top talents to cancer R&D and entrepreneurship. In June 2007, the cluster became a Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE). Oslo Cancer Cluster has more than 70 members from Northern Europe, representing the entire oncology value chain from bench to bedside.

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    Lublin Medicine Cluster

    Lublin Medicine Cluster has 119 members: universities, public and private hospitals, medical centres and enterprises from health and medicine. Fields of specialization: functional food and dietary supplements, diagnostics, telemedicine and robotics, oncology, cardiology, rehabilitation, health tourism, primary care, social and organizational innovations. Specialisation in ProVaHealth project: functional food. We involve users through public and private hospitals, medical centres, physicians, nursery homes, Third Age Universities, patient organisations. Keywords: preclinical and clinical trials, product/ service evaluation, services of laboratories, prototyping, short series production, business models.

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