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    Latvian health tourism cluster

    Latvian health tourism cluster includes a wide spectrum of health tourism entrepreneurs. with an aim to provide high quality medical services to foreign patients as well as locals. There are 60 cluster members, wide variety of health tourism providers: government, municipality and regional hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, resort hotels, travel agencies, educational and research institutions. The cluster gives an opportunity to improve cooperation among health tourism providers, to organize common marketing activities, to invent and market integrated, innovative tourism products and services, and to make them more available to locals as well as foreign tourists. Keywords: Health tourism in Latvia; Cooperation between cluster partners; Wide spectrum of medical diagnostic and treatment methods; Excellent doctors’ team and medical staff; Implementation of joint health tourism marketing activities; Developing new and innovative health tourism export products.

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    New Chemical Syntheses Institute (INS)

    New Chemical Syntheses Institute (INS) has a large expertise in research on new mineral and organic-mineral fertilizers, their quality evaluation, technologies for economic reuse of wastes for fertilizer purposes and assessment of the fertilizers influence on yield and quality of crops. We also conduct the extraction of numerous plant materials with CO2 under supercritical conditions. We offer research services on supercritical extraction of plants, fractionation of products, primary processing of feedstocks. INS is also a provider of plant extracts (sterile and free from impurities for brewery, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries).

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    It is the web site for Medical Simulation World Wide – the first multidisciplinary portal across teaching and disciplines including medicine, midwives, nursing, paramedics, pharmacists and physical therapists. Post Your article, create your website! We welcome You for collaboration !

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