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    DelSiTech Ltd

    DelSiTech is an innovative Finnish drug delivery technology company that helps its customers to turn their active agents into novel and commercially viable therapeutic drug products. DelSiTech offers one-stop shop opportunity in drug delivery up to early clinical proof of concept. The Company’s proprietary drug delivery technology is based on biodegradable silica (SiO2) matrix into which the active ingredient is embedded. The matrix can be designed to biodegrade at the required rate to assure a tightly controlled release of the active substance, providing a better therapeutic effect in situ and causing lower systemic and local adverse effects than alternative delivery systems. DelSiTech also develops its own supergeneric drug products to address significant unmet medical and commercial needs. The lead product, 1308 is a long-acting subcutaneous depot injection that offers for the first time a patient-friendly slow release treatment option to chronic hepatitis B infection.

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    Lublin Medicine Cluster

    Lublin Medicine Cluster has 119 members: universities, public and private hospitals, medical centres and enterprises from health and medicine. Fields of specialization: functional food and dietary supplements, diagnostics, telemedicine and robotics, oncology, cardiology, rehabilitation, health tourism, primary care, social and organizational innovations. Specialisation in ProVaHealth project: functional food. We involve users through public and private hospitals, medical centres, physicians, nursery homes, Third Age Universities, patient organisations. Keywords: preclinical and clinical trials, product/ service evaluation, services of laboratories, prototyping, short series production, business models.

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    Tampere Life Science Center

    Tampere has a combination of multi-disciplinary, technological, bio-medical and medical expertise in education, research, healthcare and business sectors. In recent years, the health, wellness and biotechnology sector in the Tampere region has been the fastest growing in Finland and received the largest number of private investments in business development. The region’s wellness and health technology cluster provides some 30,000 jobs.For a presentation of the Tampere Life Science Center please follow the link below. For a presentation of BioMedTech, please see: http://biomeditech.fi/home.php

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