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    A Digital platform for driving efficient business and clinical practice outcome. A Danish patient engagement company with leading market share in Denmark and serving almost 1.8 million patient lives. Platform and patient mobile apps support data-driven, protocol-based patient management, targeting: digital treatment plans; procedural specialties; chronic conditions; programmatic therapies. The platform delivers clinical awareness of targeted patient health factors to both patients and providers, drives patient compliance, and provides clinical team oversight and efficient remote engagement.

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    OR Technology (Oehm und Rehbein GmbH)

    The portfolio ranges from DR retrofits for existing X-ray systems, CR systems and complete X-ray systems to the mobile detector suitcase solution for outdoor use (e.g. on ships and oil rigs, in remote locations or disaster management). Innovative research and the further development of the dicomPACS® digital image processing software have led to the highly professional dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software which is an integral part of all digital X-ray solutions. Renowned system integrators (OEMs) are also using individualized versions of this dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software as a component within their systems with great success.

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    Latvian health tourism cluster

    Latvian health tourism cluster includes a wide spectrum of health tourism entrepreneurs. with an aim to provide high quality medical services to foreign patients as well as locals. There are 60 cluster members, wide variety of health tourism providers: government, municipality and regional hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, resort hotels, travel agencies, educational and research institutions. The cluster gives an opportunity to improve cooperation among health tourism providers, to organize common marketing activities, to invent and market integrated, innovative tourism products and services, and to make them more available to locals as well as foreign tourists. Keywords: Health tourism in Latvia; Cooperation between cluster partners; Wide spectrum of medical diagnostic and treatment methods; Excellent doctors’ team and medical staff; Implementation of joint health tourism marketing activities; Developing new and innovative health tourism export products.

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