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    ScanBalt Business is a business support and service for ScanBalt BioRegion delivered by ScanBalt® fmba. It gives easy access to leading companies and clusters within health and life sciences in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and Northwestern Russia – The Top of Europe.
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    Healthy Culture Action Tank

    Healthy Culture Action Tank is a nonprofit research organization focused on patient experience in the digital transformation of healthcare. In our reports we address major societal challenges that the industry faces today from the point of view of patients – from decision-making processes to ethics in big data and biotechnology. We also run two mentoring programs for health tech startups: Patient Experience Canvas for implementing customer experience strategies and Change Adaptation Patterns for designing shifts in habits that impact the spread of noncommunicable diseases.

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    BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd

    BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd is a privately held Class III medical device manufacturer that is based in Finland. We manufacture bioactive glass S53P4 based products for bone regeneration and septic bone surgery. For the past 15 years our products have shown unmatched clinical performance in orthopedic and trauma surgery, as well as in spine surgery. At BonAlive we are passionate about improving patient outcome. By providing well-proven and safe bone regeneration products to surgeons world-wide we also save operation costs and time. Our vision is to become the world-leader in providing synthetic biomaterial solutions for the treatment of chronically infected bone.

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    Syncom provides the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with custom synthesis solutions. As a global leader Syncom can count leading global pharmaceutical companies as well as small virtual startup companies among our clients. In addition to our pharma activities we serve also the diagnostic, fine chemical, electronic and pigment industries.

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