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    ScanBalt Business is a business support and service for ScanBalt BioRegion delivered by ScanBalt® fmba. It gives easy access to leading companies and clusters within health and life sciences in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Northern Germany, Northern Netherlands and Northwestern Russia – The Top of Europe.
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    Tartu - Estonia's Medical and Biotechnological Hub

    Tartu is the centre of Estonia’s medical and biotechnological landscape. The University of Tartu Hospital – a unique medical care and training hospital in Estonia – and world-class research & development centres in the field of medicine and biotechnology gathered around the University of Tartu,strong private medical practices as well as biotechnology companies lay the basis for promising future developments.

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    BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd

    BonAlive Biomaterials Ltd is a privately held Class III medical device manufacturer that is based in Finland. We manufacture bioactive glass S53P4 based products for bone regeneration and septic bone surgery. For the past 15 years our products have shown unmatched clinical performance in orthopedic and trauma surgery, as well as in spine surgery. At BonAlive we are passionate about improving patient outcome. By providing well-proven and safe bone regeneration products to surgeons world-wide we also save operation costs and time. Our vision is to become the world-leader in providing synthetic biomaterial solutions for the treatment of chronically infected bone.

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    SIMLAB of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

    SIMLAB studios combined with debriefing rooms with live video connection are safe, effective and diverse learning environment for medical, health and social care under and post graduate education as well as testing and Living Lab environment for companies and organizations. Interprofessional competencies are trained in simulated real life scenarios. Studios are equipped with different age’s high fidelity computer guided patient simulators with all human vital functions. It is possible to simulate different malfunctions, traumas and diseases as well as exam and treat the manikins or standardized patient. Keywords: health professional education; interprofessional development; simulation; testing; research.

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